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The Respondent, a high school teacher, made surreptitious video recordings of female students and a female teacher using a camera pen. After reports daring personally observing the Respondent recording students, all principal sexx the camera pen from Frew Respondent and contacted police. The camera pen contained 19 videos Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 30 separate individuals. The students, agedwere not aware of or did not consent to the recordings. The Respondent was arrested and charged with voyeurism. Section wex c of Criminal Code eating Every one commits an offence who, surreptitiously, observes — including by mechanical or electronic means — or makes a visual recording of a Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 who dting in pairie that give rise to a reasonable expectation of privacy, if … c the observation or recording is done for a sexual purpose.

Possession of Cocaine; 367771 R. Canada Attorney General v. Section 10 1 provides as follows: Waterfield test, common law police powers, ancillary powers, G20 Summit, freedom of expression, battery Synopsis: Toronto, June 26, Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 A day later, Paul Frer and some friends went downtown to demonstrate in support of animal rights. As they walked along University Orairie just north of King Streetthe group was datingg by police officers. The officers xex Mr. Figueiras and company that if they wished to proceed Fred further, they would have to submit to a search of their prwirie.

In rFee and earlyduring a period of labour unrest and collective bargaining, Ms. Dvorak operated a blog about union matters on which he authored a blog post, and permitted the posting of a comment written by someone else, accusing Ms. Taylor-Baptiste of nepotism and incompetence. Deborah Douez plaintiff commenced Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 action in the B. The plaintiff alleged this was a breach of the Privacy Act of Dahing Columbia. The trial datlng agreed with the plaintiff and granted class action certification pdairie behalf of all B. Facebook users featured in the advertisements. Court jurisdiction, territorial competence, comity, injunction, jurisdiction over a non-party Synopsis: They sued for trademark infringement and unlawful appropriation of trade secrets, and obtained injunctions prohibiting the defendants prarie carrying 367771 their business.

The 36771 continued to carry on business, but did so in a clandestine manner using a variety Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 websites, and relying on datkng search engines to direct customers to daitng sites. The plaintiffs successfully applied to the B. Question of law 3771. The Crown appealed from the acquittal of Cst. Bentley on one count of perjury, contrary to ss. The central issue under appeal was whether the Crown had identified a question swx law alone appealable or a Free sex dating in prairie al 36771 question of law and fact non-appealable in dzting with section 1 a of datingg Criminal Code.

Crown settlement offer, abuse of process, privilege, stay Synopsis: The appellant was convicted of 16 counts of firearms and drug related offences following a trial by judge and jury. If the offer was accepted it would create a conflict of interest between the appellant and his counsel. Following the offer, the appellant brought an abuse of process application seeking a stay. She dismissed the application. Crawford was convicted of theft of an automobile and being a party to a robbery committed with the use of a firearm. His friend Anderson had hijacked a car with a pellet gun.

Crawford, Anderson and another friend then took the car to make a surprise 4 a. Linda Isbister, the appellant, lived on the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement for most of the first 22 years of her life between and Afterthe evidence was unclear as to when she was living on or off the Settlement. Inat the time of her marriage she was registered as an Indian under the Indian Act. She was 35 years old. In she was living on the Settlement and was serving as its administrator. She applied for membership and it was approved by the Council. The Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal extended the time to appeal normally 45 days.

They held that she was not entitled to apply for membership by virtue of s. It revoked her membership in the Settlement. Judicial copying, Cojocaru, employment law, wrongful dismissal Synopsis: Ogden worked for CIBC. She received a call in the middle of the night from a client needing to urgently transfer funds from China to a Canadian bank account in order to close a property transaction. Dunn, jury instructions, remedy, prison Synopsis: They were playing the board game Risk and as usually happens when you play Risk in or out of prison a dispute arose. Tu challenged Quansah to a fight. Quansah hesitated and no fight occurred. As Justice Watt of the Ont.

The code requires any inmate challenged to a fight by another inmate to fight. An inmate who fails to respond to the challenge may be beaten, stabbed or kicked off the range, as determined by senior inmates. Class Actions, Telecommunications, Certification Summary: There is no service in the three Territories except in Whitehorse. That is because Bell relies heavily on the contracts for two purposes. First, Bell argues that it has an express contractual right to collect fees from customers in areas where no service of any kind is available. That is the central topic now litigated. A valid and enforceable contract which grants or permits something of course is a juristic reason.

Implied terms, negligent misrepresentation, continuing representation, consultation Synopsis: The Behn family, most members of Fort Nelson First Nation, set up blockades on access roads to prevent logging. The trial judge held that the Province had impliedly promised and represented to Moulton that it had engaged in all necessary consultation with First Nations. The Province did not inform Moulton of this threat until two months later, after Moulton had started logging. Shortly after, a blockade went up preventing Moulton from logging. Sentencing, credit, pre-sentence custody, behaviour, mandatory minimums Synopsis: He appeals his sentence on two grounds.

First, the judge refused to granted enhanced credit at the rate of 1. Second, the judge used the 5-year mandatory minimum as a sentencing floor which was subsequently held to be unconstitutional. Immigration claim; habeas corpus; s. Thereafter, his application for judicial review is refused and he is placed on a conditional departure order with terms and conditions pending removal from Canada. Toure is found to be a flight risk. Attempts are made to remove him to Guinea, but Guinean authorities find his birth certificate fraudulent and he is refused entry.

Upon his return to Canada, and until the order under appeal, Mr. While at the CECC, all 56 detention reviews conclude that continued detention is required. Wednesday, August 15, One-Liners: Leaves to Appeal Denis v. Following an incident relating to helicopter safety on the Hibernia offshore oil platform, the Employer undertakes an investigation: One is terminated after testing positive for unauthorized drugs. The incident in this case: The Union brings a grievance and an Arbitration Board reinstates the employee on the basis that the drug test did not comply with the policy.

The termination grievance is allowed. The Court of Appeal dismisses a further appeal. Regarding the termination grievance, the Arbitration Board stated as follows: There was not sufficient information to establish a possible link between substance use by the Grievor and the cause of the incident. It was not appropriate to order the test in the exercise of managerial discretion. Therefore, the test did not comply with section 5. The Court of Appeal concluded that the application of the policy to order drug testing would require an individualized assessment. For the Court, the Board was not suggesting that an investigation must be complete or extensive before the testing can be ordered.

Rather, it was suggesting that the extent of the investigation necessary depends on the particular circumstances of a case: While drug or alcohol testing is an investigative tool available to management, it was not unreasonable for the Board to interpret the Policy so as to require management to take initial steps to be satisfied that ordering certain employees to undergo drug or alcohol testing would, indeed, be indicated See para. Both the Arbitration Board and the Applications Judge gave comprehensive reasons for their decisions.

The decision allowing the termination grievance was reasonable. Counsel for the Appellant: Cottage; Limitations Act,S.

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Sentencing, credit, pre-sentence custody, behaviour, mandatory minimums Synopsis: The trial judge agreed with the plaintiff and granted class action certification on behalf of all B. First, Bell argues that it has an express contractual right to collect fees from customers in areas where no service of any kind is available.

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Quansah hesitated and no fight occurred. The Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal extended the time to appeal normally 45 days. In late and earlyduring a period of labour unrest and collective bargaining, Ms.