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Alice Deejay Originally released intheir debut single "Better Off Alone" would be their most famous. It was a hi-nrg trance affair that had everyone dancing and Alice deejay naked out the question: The covers of "Better Off Alone. I always thought Alice Deejay was best presented with the dancers. I did this for all the singles. But who was Alice Deejay? It was certainly unclear and never truly defined. And the first video for "Better Off Alone" didn't Alice deejay naked matters as no one from the group was in it.

Alice deejay naked later found out that the lead singer missed her flight for the filming. Or so we were told. But ultimately Alice Deejay Sex chat threesome palm bay fl a collection Alice deejay naked dance producers fronted by singer Judith Anne Pronk, who we knew as Judy. The album says there are two other vocalists besides Alice deejay naked However, Judy always performed with two female dancers. At first it was Mila and Yutin. But for the most part it was Mila and Angelique Angel.

However, there were a Alice deejay naked of performances without Mila, and a woman named Mae filled in, but Mae was never in any videos. The second single was "Back In My Life. And lovely talking middle part. The video featured a storyline for Judy while Mila and Yutin came in for the dance sequence at the end. The album Alice deejay naked Needs Guitars Anyway? At first, the cover featured a nude Asian woman riding on Alice deejay naked turntable. Then her picture was replaced with Judy riding the turntable. And then for the USA, we got the solo shot of Judy aiming at the camera. The debut album Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

To this day, I could happily listen to the album with much joy. There is only one song that isn't a dance song: With the worldwide success of "Better Off Alone" The third single was a slightly remixed version of "Will I Ever. It is so uplifting and I love the melody. And the video is amazing with the Greek scene. Judy and dancers Mila and Angel are having a blast! The fourth single was "The Lonely One. The song is similar to "Better Off Alone" as there aren't many vocals. The video was crazy awesome with the girls filming in Russia. There were even some special effects and the dance sequence was incredible. There was even a lovely making of short of the video.

Inwe even got a fifth single! How often does that happen? This time, the song "Celebrate Our Love" was re-recorded and reworked. The album version is a club stomper. But the single version played out like a trance ballad at first, then morphs into a mid-tempo number before slowing back down and having a gospel choir come in for grand finale. It was quite different from anything they did before. The video is quite nicetoo! After that, a promo of the instrumental track "Who Needs Guitars Anyway? And just like that, Alice Deejay was over. Their last performance came in There was even a backstage interview with Judy where she said they were working on the second album.

They hadn't recorded anything yet, but they were about to. Such a shame that they didn't continue. They had such an amazing debut album with five singles! And in the UK, all five singles were Top 20 hits with three of them being in the Top Indancer Mila released a one-off single with a group called LIX. I'm not sure if it was a hit or not. Trying to find any information about the song is next to impossible. I finally managed to get the CD single on eBay as it isn't available on iTunes. There were even two video edits! Watch Version 1 and Version 2. Judy went on to have a successful career in makeup and fashion. She currently has a clothing store called AnnaVie in The Netherlands.

I was unable to track down Angel, Yutin or Mae. Since then, a new group of people have been touring under the name Alice DJ. They've even said over the years that they are making new music. Yet, three years later Ilona and the new dancers The new website says Alice Deejay is back in business with a new voice and face, Amsterdam DJ and singer Ilona, managed by the founding fathers of the group, so it's all in the family. Oh, and a slightly abbreviated name… Alice DJ. Available for live-shows based on the original hit singles and dj gigs with a edm sound.

Get Alice DJ back in your life, now! No mention of the two dancer's names. You can like the new group's Facebook page and see videos of them singing Alice Deejay songs. I'd love it one day if Judy, Mila and Angel would reunite and give us some of the magic they helped create. Below is one of my favourite performances by the group. I love how the crowd sings along!


Since then, a new group of people have been touring under the name Alice DJ.

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Get Alice DJ back in your life, now! Below is one of my favourite performances by the group. It was quite different from anything they did before. Oh, and a slightly abbreviated name… Alice DJ.