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After Frer was over, the Baylor football player allowed her to get up and walk away, but then he pushed her, face forward, into a metal fence srx raped her again. He disappeared after handing Tanya her shirt back. Dazed, Tanya made her way back into the party, found sxe friends, and told one caxual them, "I think I was just casuaal. A Baylor University football player named Tevin Elliott had raped her. The defensive end would end up arrested by Waco wavo, charged with sexually assaulting Tanya, casyal off the football Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 and expelled. Days later, Tanya said she went to Baylor's campus police department, asking officers if there was anything they Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 do for her, because she'd been assaulted by a fellow student.

She didn't ask for anything specific, but she thought maybe a campus escort or security could be provided, because Elliott remained in Waco. There is nothing we can do, because the assault happened off campus. Casusl few days later, she Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 she contacted Wxco student health Frree, seeking counseling. There is no one who can see you ln. You could, though, put your name on a waiting list. Maybe you should see someone Frwe campus. With final exams coming up and Xasual schoolwork already beginning to suffer, her mother called Baylor's academic casuxl group for assistance.

No wacl are available. Even "if a plane falls on your daughter, there's nothing we can do to help you. Baylor University took nearly three years to comply with a federal directive to hire a Title IX awco. ESPN Despite being a private school, Baylor is required by federal law -- Title IX -- to thoroughly investigate allegations of sexual violence, and provide security, 776710 services and academic help txx those who report assaults. Part of the law's goal is to help Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 victims in school. Yet an investigation by Outside the Lines found several examples in Tanya's case, Fres others at Baylor, in casuak school officials either failed to investigate, or adequately investigate, casial of sexual violence.

In many cases, officials did wzco provide support to those who reported assaults. Moreover, it took Baylor ssx than three years to comply with a federal directive: In Aprilthe U. Department of Education sent a letter wxco Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 colleges and universities cawual their ij under Title IX, including the need for each cassual to wacl a Sx IX coordinator. Baylor didn't hire a full-time coordinator until fall Tanya's story is similar to others at Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 and an array of universities nationwide; the U. Department of Education swx investigating complaints against institutions for their handling of sexual violence investigations.

In a more recent Baylor case, university officials agreed to a monetary settlement Free casual sex in waco tx 76710 another victim of a football player's assault. Defensive end Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexual casuak in August after a Gx soccer player reported to Waco police that he'd assaulted her in October Casyal Ukwuachu's trial, it was disclosed that Baylor officials FFree conducted an on investigation into the assault complaint and cleared him of any wrongdoing. One of those administrators was university president Ken Starr, the former judge and independent counsel who led the investigation into President Bill Clinton's intern-sex scandal.

Baylor police also refused to ts any records pertaining to the incidents, even though the Texas legislature passed txx law last summer making private campus police departments subject to state open records laws. A spokeswoman for the school said she could not provide information about any of the assaults due to student privacy, even though the two women featured in this story signed release forms allowing Baylor officials to discuss their cases with Outside the Lines. Patty Crawford, the university's new Title IX coordinator, spoke to Outside the Lines but said she could not specifically address past incidents.

She said the school has hired an outside consultant to review its handling of previous cases, although she said she didn't know whether the school would make that report public. Baylor defensive end Tevin Elliott was kicked off the team after sexual assault allegations were made against him. A few weeks later, the woman -- Kim -- and her mother said they also reported the assault to Baylor's ombudsman office and were sent to meet with the school's chief judicial officer, Bethany McCraw. Both women said McCraw's response noted that Kim, also a Baylor athlete, was the sixth woman to report such an incident involving Elliott.

Does Art Briles know about this? Department of Education -- one that McCraw would testify in court that she received -- that states a criminal investigation "does not relieve the school of its duty under Title IX to resolve complaints promptly and equitably. She said McCraw told her it would essentially simply consist of a letter sent to Elliott telling him to not come near her, "and then you kind of hope for the best. McCraw was helpful in one area, though, Kim said: She said she told McCraw she was having trouble preparing for her final exams, and McCraw offered to contact her professors to give her dispensation. Kim said she suspected that occurred only because she was so close to getting her degree.

Let's just get her graduated,' you know? When contacted by Outside the Lines, McCraw said Kim's account was inaccurate, but she declined to comment further. Although Kim testified during Elliott's trial, the football player was not charged in connection with her assault, in part because prosecutors decided her case wasn't as strong as others; Elliott would end up accused of one assault and four rapes, facing formal charges on two of them, including one against a former member of Baylor's equestrian team. Two of the students who accused him did not attend Baylor. Kim, who is not being identified because she is an alleged sexual assault victim, said Baylor University provided her little assistance after she reported her assault.

ESPN Michele Davis, a former member of a Baylor advisory board that reviewed sexual assault-response issues with community leaders, told Outside the Lines university officials have known for at least a few years of a much larger problem with sexual assaults and athletes. Davis is also the sexual assault nurse examiner for McLennan County, which means she is often the first person who interviews women who come to local hospitals reporting they've been raped. She said she sees about eight Baylor students a year, and of those, she said Baylor athletes make up between 25 percent to 50 percent of the alleged perpetrators.

Male athletes are 4 percent of the undergraduate male population at Baylor. Most women refuse to report such incidents to authorities, she said. She said Baylor's advisory board was aware of the problem with athletes and recommended that someone from the athletic department join the board, but she said that did not happen during her term, which ended in Crawford put the board on hiatus as she rebuilt the university's Title IX office but said she plans to restart it. His arrest for assaulting Tanya marked the first time media picked up on any of the accusations against him.

Baylor was coming off its most successful football season in decades. Init had finished in the top polls for the first time since the mids. Baylor officials declined to answer questions about when they knew of Elliott's alleged assaults, but a source told Outside the Lines that records show Baylor judicial affairs officials were aware of a misdemeanor, sexually-related assault citation against Elliott in November In that incident, a local community college student told police that Elliott trapped her in her room, held her against her will and touched her inappropriately, at one point poking a broom toward her vagina.

Elliott played nine of 13 games that season. Outside the Lines spoke to Elliott, who is serving a year sentence at a prison in West Texas, and he said that none of his coaches mentioned the incident to him, and he received no punishment. At the end of the day, the finger is going to be pointed at us because we are the big athletes," he said. It's like we are guilty until proven innocent. McLane Stadium, home to the Baylor football team. Ukwuachu, also a defensive end, wasn't indicted until June His case remained under wraps, and out of the media, for more than year until it went to trial last August.

During that time, Ukwuachu did not play, but he remained on the team and enrolled in school. Kim said she heard about the trial on the news. What, did we not cry out enough for something to be done? I mean, was that not enough for you to listen to us? Two months before Ukwuachu's trial, the football team's defensive coordinator, Phil Bennett, told a crowd at a luncheon that he expected Ukwuachu to play in the season. Ukwuachu, through his attorney, declined a request for an interview with Outside the Lines. He issued a lengthy statement in which he said he was falsely accused and that he did not receive a fair trial. He said his accuser lied repeatedly about what had happened, and prosecutors presented false evidence during his trial.

Crawford, the school's Title IX coordinator, said she couldn't talk about the Ukwuachu investigation. I wasn't in the room. I do know that, in the world of Title IX Ukwuachu's accuser was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following the encounter. She had been struggling to recover from a knee injury suffered while playing soccer when Baylor reduced her athletic scholarship. She ultimately transferred to another university. They don't have the money to keep her. And I say, 'I'm going to navigate the resources.

What do you need? That just can retrigger a trauma and can cause a lot of problems, especially during exams or any time during an academic career. And it's hard to be successful when you don't feel safe," Crawford said. Crawford described having overhauled the Title IX system to get all departments, including athletics, involved in preventing and addressing sexual assault allegations so everyone will know what to do if they're made aware of an incident of sexual violence. Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow Baylor athlete in They declined to say whether they were considering legal action against Baylor. The money that comes to them is their priority," she said.

They don't care about their students. They don't care about the victims. Because then they would have acted differently in Sam's [Ukwuachu's] case," she said. She lost her academic scholarship and was put on academic probation. In springTanya's mother said she called academic services one last time. She told them what happened to her daughter and asked for help. She said she was given exit forms for Tanya to sign. Tanya dropped out of Baylor, moved home, gave up her dream of becoming a nurse and enrolled in a local community college.

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A few days later, she said she contacted Baylor's student health center, seeking counseling. McLane Stadium, home to the Baylor football team. She said she sees about eight Baylor students a year, and of those, she said Baylor athletes make up between 25 percent to 50 percent of the alleged perpetrators.

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No resources are available. There is no one who can see you now. Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexually assaulting a fellow Baylor athlete in Most women refuse to report such incidents to authorities, she said.