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All the required parts I ordered last week arrived thursday morning. I would like to thank you and the crew at Moss Europe for your brilliant customer service. All the parts are with the panel shop and it's Cherche homme musulman pour mariage france steam ahead. I have spoken to Hans many times by phone from Australia and nothing seems to be too much trouble. He has been of great assistance, and always takes the time for a chat and to compare our Weather! I do appreciate all your help. Once again thanks a lot! Great service indeed, thankyou! Gave you a ring, spoke with Filipe, a new bolt gets posted to me the next day!

Super helpful, great to deal with - definitely ordering bits from you again. The service level has been excellent. Some of the SU carby parts have taken some tracking down but I was kept informed. As Cherche homme musulman pour mariage france says "I will be back". Thank you for getting it out to me so soon! I have been a Moss customer for nearly ten years and throughout that time all orders have been dealt with efficiently and swiftly, any technical and delivery queries answered promptly and a high standard of customer service consistently maintained. I unfortunately let some gift tokens expire, my wife rang and explained our Cherche homme musulman pour mariage france, without any fuss we were told our tokens would be honoured, and to pop in and spend them.

I have always found all the staff to be very helpful and enthusiastic, but feel this service deserves a special mention. Thank you for the quick turn around and for the restoration catalog. Checked the order and all is complete and correct. Lloyd it was a pleasure to do business with you and thank you very much for your assistance and great customer service. Will definitely use you guys again if Cherche homme musulman pour mariage france need any parts. Will definately be using you guys again. I have never had a complaint. He has been exceptional to deal with. The stains and mould growth were just Cherche homme musulman pour mariage france from years of being parked beneath a tree.

But I decided to give rencontre ecologie die a try. The result is truly stunning the roof looks new. The process is a complete renovation, all stains are removed with the cleaning solution which I applied and left on to do its work for the maximum recommended time [about an hour]. I then scrubbed with a nail brush and hot water which raised the thick green mould and bird dirt to the surface, then rinsed thoroughly. When left to dry the top was completely clear of stains, just fantastic!! The second part is like a dying process applied with a brush and evens out any faded colour.

Finally a water-proofing solution which actually worked after one coat, the second coat quite difficult to apply being repelled by the first. Not only has the soft top been saved but also the car which is probably worth less than the price of a new top. I have just ordered the part you quoted yesterday along with an accelerator and choke cable. All were showing in stock and will arrive in due course. I decided to order online as I have had issues previously with another company and would prefer to go through the established internet procedure.

I have a lot more confidence thanks to your help. Looking forward to completing this project. It's a big thanks for your help with getting my carpet set replaced, I am over the moon the way Moss have handled this. Thank you Adam and Moss UK! It's the man that makes the company! You have exceeded all our expectations and we are hugely grateful that you have used your initiative and especially that you have not charged us for postage. It was especially good that, having asked you to keep me informed if the items were not going to be shipped today, that you did just that.

You kept me informed which is a rare thing these days, hence we are so pleased to receive such good and considerate customer service. I would like to congratulate you on the excellent service, prompt delivery and exemplary after sales service. I have since ordered some of the products I originally intended to order. I was served by an extremely nice salesman, Lloyd Francis. I would like to congratulate you on an awesome, easy to use system. We are very happy customers, thank you! I apreciate you taking time for my concerns. Looks and sounds great. All Orders were ready for me and it was very nice to talk to Filipe Abreu. Thanks for the great service.

Have a happy Xmas, from a hot and sunny Auckland. The old fashioned integrity and outstanding customer service is alive and kicking in good old England. Thank you for the great service! Thanks for all that you have done for me. Great stuff, speedy delivery to Holland. I Have stripped it down to bear metal, made new door skins and door stills myself. It's had a new interior, carpets, seats, dash etc. Thanks to the staff and management at Moss Europe, 'we petrol heads' cannot do this without all the spares available from Moss! Thanks a lot for your help on this really appreciate it: Have a great day! I will be placing an order in the next few days. This would not have been possible without the parts and expertise supplied by you and others, so a big thank you and keep doing what you do!

You are a star - but you probably know that already - Lol Seriously tho' - much appreciated! I was truly shocked when I answered the door this morning to a UPS package. It's only been 36 hours or so since I ordered it!!!!. Now I have to resist the temptation to call in sick at work so I can spend all weekend drooling over the new shiny bits. Seriously though, thank you. Exceptional service and I will happily recommend you to anyone. Absolutely brilliant service, thanks very much. I'll be back soon for sure to complete my car rebuild. My last order was sent by me via email on Tuesday evening and today morning I received complete parts!!!

The speed and efficiency of the matter is incredible. I am pleased to open the package and find exactly what i ordered. This is rare in current times. You will be hearing from me as soon as i require additional items. Have a great weekend. This, definitely, will not stop me from buying from you again. In fact quite the reverse. I have only recently found your web site and have found the MX5 range of items very interesting. It is good to know that your company is giving its customer satisfaction a high priority. Mistakes can happen to anyone and are easily overlooked with good communication and a great attitude.

I have another purchase in the mail and feel confident that we will continue to use Moss Europe for its range of MX5 products. Once again, Thank You for the great service, and keep up the good work Rob. I look forward to a great ongoing relationship with Moss-Europe as a result of your actions. We are all eternally grateful to Matthew Hutchins and Sue Jenno, and happy to help in whatever way we can. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and great support as always. MOSS Europe are, alongside our many other supporters and never forgetting the marshalsthe lifeblood of the sport. Without whom it could not happen, and of course your help and encouragement is particularly precious for voluntary educational initiatives like OUMF.

Which with no other means or funding, would quite simply cease to exist. I went to the bank about mid-day on Monday 9th September to transfer the money for my parts and they arrived at my location at approx. What a wonderful service. The goods are perfect. Just what I wanted. You Made it on Wednesday. Thank you so much. If you have Moss Stickers I'd proudly put them on my car.

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The stains and mould growth were just awful from years of being parked beneath a tree. Thank you very much for your warm welcome and great support as always. My last order was sent by me via email on Tuesday evening and today morning I received complete parts!!!

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Chercje Looking forward to completing this project. It always amazes me how good classic MG parts are nowadays. All the required parts I ordered last week arrived thursday morning.