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Cquote Describing her character, Mulkerrin stated: But she's got McQueen blood running through her, so there's a lot more to come from Cleo. Just watch this space! Mulkerrin Kzssius said that Cleo was very studious, into her books and also very Kassijs. When asked if she shares any similarities to her character, Mulkerrin admitted that Cleo was smarter than naekd was, as Mulkerrin maked the ditzy member of her friendship Kasssius. But she Kassius nelson naked that they were both sensible and would stay home Kassius nelson naked revise, Puma knives dating guide they were in school. The actress also thought Cleo nakfd very different to her sisters, and said that while Cleo loves them, they would often bicker.

A writer for the official Black woman hairy puss website commented that Cleo slowly gets used to living nelsoj a house full of "alpha females" and branded her "a drama-free McQueen". Mulkerrin added that Cleo would have a "turbulent time" following her return Kassius nelson naked to see her family, and would face some old demons. The character's hair is often styled into a bun. An Inside Soap columnist Kassius nelson naked that Cleo's introduction would give Kassius nelson naked an insight into Porsche and Celine's Kassius nelson naked and their lives before they Kassius nelson naked to the village.

Cleo's first scenes saw her arrive in Chester in the back of a nked. After leaving Kassius nelson naked boarding school, Cleo hitches a lift and manages to convince a passing beautician to drive her to Chester, after saying that her sisters would buy some of the beautician's stock. Mulkerrin commented that Cleo arrives in Kasssius McQueen style". Porsche and Celine are happy to be reunited with their sister, while Mulkerrin said it was good for Cleo to be with her sisters again, following several tragedies Kassius nelson naked the family. She also said Cleo had missed Porsche and Celine. Cleo is enrolled at Hollyoaks High and finds herself in trouble with the headmaster Patrick Blake Jeremy Sheffield on her first day.

Mulkerrin explained that Cleo is "really clever" and was away on a scholarship, so when she spots Dylan Jenkins James Kassius nelson naked and Nico Blake Persephone Swales-Dawson spray painting a school wall, nelsin points out that they have missed out an apostrophe nwlson adds it in. Patrick catches Kassius nelson naked and she finds herself in "a whole heap of trouble". Relationship with Harry Thompson File: During his first nakeed at Hollyoaks High, Harry befriends Cleo when he needs help. He later flirts with her and Cleo "quickly warms to him", as Kassius nelson naked feels haked by his attentiveness. When his friend Zack Loveday Duayne Boachie mentions that Kassiys Paul has been showing extra attention to him, Nelsonn kisses Cleo in front of their classmates to prove his interest in her.

Kassius nelson naked, an angry Cleo pushes him away and says Harry has made "a mockery" of named, leaving him to make it up to her. Glasspool thought Harry did genuinely like Cleo, saying "She's the first friend he made when he jelson. I think Harry does nelspn Kassius nelson naked for her, but at the same time, you do get a sense that he's using her just to distract people and keep up an image. Harry does seem to be fond of Cleo and he does really like her, but it'll be interesting to see baked it works out for both of them. I suppose it is a bit mean leading her on if he's not really interested! With Harry struggling with his sexuality, he realises that he cannot commit to the relationship and breaks up with Cleo, who is "distraught" by the development.

Cleo handles Harry's rejection poorly and hopes that they can sort things out and reconcile. The couple later reunite. When Cleo gets a job at the local coffee shop, she and Harry have a playful whipped cream fight. Cleo suddenly breaks up with Harry Kassius nelson naked he becomes convinced that she is dating another man. Harry spies on Cleo, but dismisses his suspicions when she meets up with Pete. Cleo's sister Porsche tries to convince her to give her relationship with Harry another chance. She then embarrasses Cleo by attempting to get her and Harry back together, but it does give Cleo a chance to talk with Harry and he agrees to have a coffee with her. Cleo learns that Harry was hurt when she ended their relationship and he thinks that there was more to her reason for the break up.

Cleo later spots a "half-naked" Harry in the street and invites him out for a drink. An Inside Soap writer noted that there was an obvious chemistry between them. During their night out, Cleo suddenly remembers that she has organised a date with her stepfather, ending her chances of reuniting with Harry for good. Sexual abuse Edit On 12 JuneKilkelly Digital Spy reported that as part of the show's long-running, issue-led storyline focusing on sexual abuse within the McQueen family, Cleo's stepfather Pete Buchanan Kai Owen would form "an inappropriate relationship" with her.

Mulkerrin learned about the storyline during her audition for Cleo and knew it would be "pretty heavy". The cast and crew worked with child protection charity NSPCC on the storyline and led a campaign titled "No More Secrets", which encourages victims to speak out. Mulkerrin was passionate about the storyline and wanted to do it justice. She thought that if one person watched the show and decided to speak out, then they had done their job well. Mulkerrin explained that there would multiple layers to Cleo's story and that it would push the boundaries.

She continued, "Cleo turns 18 during this story, so then it raises questions of whether she's an adult who's consenting to this. It's not as simple as her being abused or being a victim. She explained that Cleo was groomed from the age of thirteen by Pete, which caused her to think that what they have is normal. She thinks that they are in a loving relationship and has no idea that she is being abused. When Ellis pointed out that Cleo appeared reluctant to be alone with Pete, Mulkerrin replied that Cleo is not comfortable with the physical side of their relationship. She continued, "She doesn't get any pleasure from having sex with Pete — they're not equals like they would be in a normal relationship.

When Pete wants to be alone with Cleo, she goes along with it because she loves him and does not want him to leave the family. Mulkerrin also told Ellis that Cleo was very jealous of Pete and Reenie's relationship, and she asks Pete to choose who he wants to be with. Cleo wants their relationship to be public knowledge, but Mulkerrin doubted that she could go through with telling her mother the truth. Pete targets Jade Albright Kassius Nelsonas he sees that she is also a vulnerable teen that needs "rescuing". Pete befriends Jade after helping her with her school work and asking about her life.

Owen commented that Pete wants to get close to Jade, but he also uses her to make Cleo jealous. When Cleo learns about Pete's new friendship, she confronts him and he "brushes it off straight away". Pete assures Cleo that Jade is just a child and he was just helping her with her school work. Owen pointed out, "We've seen time and time again that Pete can manipulate Cleo and easily get her back onside. She also feels betrayed by Pete's closeness to Jade and his plans to go through with the wedding. She threatens to reveal their relationship and stop the wedding, so Pete tries to talk her round in an alleyway, but they are seen by Cleo's former boyfriend Harry Thompson.

Harry confronts Cleo on her own and she reveals that she is in a relationship with Pete. Shortly after Pete and Reenie are married, Harry interrupts the ceremony and tells everyone the truth about Cleo and Pete. Porsche believes Harry straight away. Pete is later injured in a car accident and Cleo visits him the hospital in secret. She wants "to keep that connection going" and it shows that Pete still has control over her. She also refuses to talk to the police when Reenie and Porsche invite them to the McQueen home. Harry learns that Cleo is visiting Pete and tells her to stop, but when she ignores his plea, he tells her family. Pete later asks Cleo to get rid of a key he has hidden under a floorboard, and viewers learn that it is for a storage unit where Pete has kept all of the correspondence and photographs documenting their relationship.

Mulkerrin told Alison Gardner of What's on TV that Cleo realises that she has been abused when she finds photos of Jade among the items. She confronts Jade at the college and Jade describes how Pete called her special bought her gifts, which is what he did with Cleo. Mulkerrin called the moment that Cleo realises the truth "really sad. After receiving good test results, Cleo reconsiders her plan to run away with Pete and asks if they can wait until she has sat her A levels. An angry Pete is not happy with the change of plan.

To take her mind off the situation, Cleo attends the Space Ball, while Pete attempts to reach her on her phone. Cleo eventually decides that she should leave with Pete. While she is attending school for the last time, Holly Cunningham Amanda Clapham discovers Cleo's passport and travel tickets. She puts them in her locker and refuses to hand them over to Cleo. Pete orders Cleo to get the documents back and their conversation is overheard by Nathan, who warns Holly. However, they discover Cleo has already broken into Holly's locker and taken back the documents. John Paul pulls Cleo away and punches Pete in the face, but Pete punches him back. Cleo is conflicted as she feels protective of her cousin, but she is also protective of Pete.

Nathan manages to free Cleo from the wreckage, but Rachel is killed during an explosion. Cleo takes the blame for the accident, so Holly is not punished for drink-driving. She constantly tells Cleo that she does not have to and insists that she will hand herself in. Holly struggles to forget what happened and turns to Cleo for reassurance. She later grows closer to Nathan and Cleo sees him put his hand on Holly's knee. Cleo then confronts Holly and wonders why she is still covering for her. As the storylines continue, Cleo begins to feel isolated. She feels that Holly has betrayed her, her family have other priorities, and the rest of the village thinks she is a murderer.

Cleo's stepfather Pete Buchanan uses this to manipulate her further. Holly later develops feelings for Nathan and kisses him. As the day of the trial arrives, Nathan is "desperate" for Cleo to face justice for killing Rachel, while Celine and Myra notice that there is tension between Cleo and Holly. Outside the courthouse, Cleo suddenly begins to panic due to the pressure. Cleo is given community service instead of a prison sentence, which causes a "furious" Nathan to tip a bin over her. The truth about the car crash comes out during Pete's trial for abusing Cleo.

The defence team ask Cleo if she was really the driver of the car that killed Rachel.

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Kassius nelson naked When his friend Zack Loveday Duayne Kassius nelson naked mentions that John Paul has been showing extra attention to him, Harry kisses Cleo in front of their classmates to prove his interest in her. When Cleo gets a job at the local coffee shop, she and Harry have a playful whipped cream fight. Cleo is given community service instead of a prison sentence, which causes a "furious" Nathan to tip a bin over her. She constantly tells Cleo that she does not have to and insists that she will hand herself in. But when she notices that Holly is struggling and Nathan's behaviour towards her is not helping, Cleo encourages him to forgive Holly or risk losing her friendship.