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They get drunk together in the office and end up doing the deed over hude desk. The cleaner reports him out of revenge for weeler given cut-price goods as a gift. Would you get that upset over a tiny red thread in a cashmere sweater? But this actress is entertainment royalty, with shows such as Golden Girls, Cagney wheelet Lacey, St Elsewhere and Quincy on her biography Maggoe before her brush with George. Valerie Mahaffey as Patrice This highly acclaimed Emmy Award winner is usually cast as the Maggie wheeler nude woman, and once again, her wackiness shows in this part.

Appearing in in The Truth, she drove George bonkers with the way she wheelef certain words. Legitimate grounds for a break-up or not? Valerie Mahaffey — Now Now aged 64, this actress has an outstanding pedigree in the world of entertainment. Fans of Desperate Housewives might recognise her face as that of Alma Hodge. Definitely nothing too crazy about this leading lady in real life! Keep turning the page to discover who else George tried to woo. In an episode called The Nose Job, George bewailed the fact that Maggie wheeler nude character Audrey was flawed because of her oversized beak. Carol Ann Hude as Carrie Carol Ann Susi as Carrie was yet another victim of the unscrupulous George who Xxx adult chat in pardubice her out purely as a ruse to trick her mother….

Carrie nuse one of the women who proves to be even more ruthless than her suitor and in this two-part Dating a divorced woman with a kid, she dumps him for his lack of Maggie wheeler nude prospects. Carol Ann Susi — Maggie wheeler nude The actress appeared on the small screen a number of times over the years since her role as Magyie tough cookie Carrie. And it seems as if she had a natural talent for portraying battle-axes as her most famous role was one where she was never seen! Sadly the actress passed away at the tender age of 62 after losing her Maggie wheeler nude with cancer.

Hearing this George becomes utterly obsessed with the man who is claimed to look just like him, and misses out on chances to date Danielle as a result. Who else other wheelrr George could get this obsessed over something so trivial?! Chelsea Noble — Now The actress Maggie is now 53 years old and still an incredible beauty has a whfeler life love nued that could have been scripted. Married to the man she used to co-star with, Kirk Cameron, the couple used to act opposite each other on Maggoe hit show, Growing Pains. What an unbelievably cute pair! After hooking up together on a date, and a hurried encounter in the kitchen, Cynthia fears she may be pregnant. Gallant George is delighted to discover that he is fertile, and rushes round to declare his support.

Maggie Wheeler — Now The 56 year old funny girl has been in a number of shows, but will undoubtedly always be known as Janice from Friends. Her private life is far more settled than that of Janice, with Wheeler marrying Daniel Borden Wheeler ingoing on to have two children with her husband. Jessica continues to see George despite this faux-pas but in the second of the episodes, catching him stuffing his face with food from the bin proves to be a step too far. Jessica Hecht — Now Hecht may only have made two appearances in the sit-com but her career went from strength to strength and she went on to star not just on the small screen but also Broadway too.

If your pulse is racing with all this drama, the person over the page could be the perfect medicine…. Things go from bad to worse when the neurotic side of George leads to him accusing Karen of faking it. Although she kicks him out of her flat, she later continues their relationship only to be unceremoniously dumped after George develops an unhealthy obsession with another woman who hates him…. Nothing is ever straightforward with George! Her most famous role was arguably that of Dr Lisa Cuddy in House, which saw her scoop a brace of awards for her performance in the medical drama. In a surprising turn-around, George appears to have some integrity, deciding to finish with Daphne because of her boring personality, despite her undoubted beauty.

However, he ends up changing his mind just to prove someone wrong and show that he can commit. In the end though the outcome is the same as Daphne ditches him after meeting someone else in a bizarre pizza incident. Tamburrelli made the move behind the camera too, and since the late s has produced a number of successful works. Marisa Tomei is the most famous leading lady to have a role in the show, guest-starring in the episode known as The Cadillac. Marisa Tomei — Now Now aged 53, the actress has gone from strength to strength in her career, collecting Academy Awards and starring in a number of hit films such as What Women Want, as well as appearing on the small screen too.

However it appears that Tomei never really forgot the charms of George as she never went on to marry or have children. Could it be that the star secretly harbours a longing for what could have been? Marisa may have been the biggest guest name on the show, but will you recognise some of the other actresses who played a part? Keep clicking to discover more. The episode ends with Maryann feeling sorry for him as he hides in the bathroom dressed in nothing but his boxers. Can you spot the family resemblance? Unusually for George things go really well and Victoria even ends up getting him a job interview for the New York Yankees which he aces by yet more direct talking.

NY, Ellen and Friends. Hilariously chaotic, Allison just wants to break up with George but he was planning on taking her to a company ball. Shannon Kenny — Now Kenny is now aged 46, and the native Australian has clearly been blessed with good genes as she barely looks a day older than when she appeared in Seinfeld in More than two decades on and the actress has landed juicy roles in 7th Heaven and Batman Beyond but is still perhaps best known for her role as Debbie Halliday in iconic soap, Sons and Daughters in the s. Get ready to read about another side-splitting episode where George really puts his foot in it — but would this upset you too? Marla Sucharetza — Now The amber-eyed beauty has a long list of credits to her name, appearing in a variety of supporting roles over the years.

George may like to act like a confirmed bachelor but it turns out it is possible to melt his heart. For a short, bald, bespectacled guy, George certainly gets to date a lot of hot girls! However, George then discovers Siena has poor hearing in that ear, so with relief, tells her once again in her other ear this time. Unfortunately, it turns out she did hear him the first time after all…. Some of the series she has played a part in include CSI: Other than her role in Seinfeld, her main role was in the Police Academy series from Mullally is a regular on the show and has also appeared on Parks and Recreation. That wraps up our list of Seinfeld beauties who all had a brush with George Constanza in one way or another.

Who would have guessed that a character with so many undesirable traits and an unconventional appearance would end up as such a sex symbol?!

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Keep clicking to discover more. Carol Ann Susi — Now The actress appeared on the small screen a number of times over Maggid years since her role as the Maggie wheeler nude cookie Carrie. Keep turning the page to discover who else George tried to woo. NY, Ellen and Friends. However, George then discovers Siena has poor hearing in that ear, so with relief, tells her once again in her other ear this time. Hilariously chaotic, Allison just wants to break up with George but he was planning on taking her to a company ball.