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Should childhood beauty pageants be banned? | …

South Australia's Status of Vacaville sluts in songkhla Gail Gago declared that "young children should not be exposed tothe risks and pressures associated with [pageants],'' and research has revealedthese risks to be very real. This world of glitz and glamouris built around a sadly superficial, limited concept of beauty, and ultimately enforcesinternal ugliness. In fact, the whole founding basis of pageants is that peopleare measurably better than each other, and that looks triumph over all otherqualities in importance. Chapters 14 and 15 focus on child beauty pageants chapter 16 will be of interest to those most interested in teen pageants.

For all of the fame, winnings, and titles, nothing canjustify the hurts inflicted on these young girls, and the pageant system is inserious need of restructuring.